SaaS Work



As the decentralized finance (DeFi) revolution took the world by storm, I recognized an opportunity to stake my claim in this uncharted territory. Blockchain technology beckoned, promising to redefine the very fabric of finance as we know it. It was time to harness the power of innovation and blaze a trail in the DeFi wilderness.

The challenge?

Building a cutting-edge platform that could seamlessly integrate with 50 blockchain protocols while delivering a user experience as smooth as a perfectly executed smart contract. But where others saw complexity, I saw an opportunity to pioneer a new era of financial empowerment.


Armed with my DeFi prowess, I embarked on a mission to reshape the future of finance:

  • Protocol Powerhouse: Orchestrated the integration of 50 groundbreaking blockchain protocols, creating a robust foundation for insidefi.io’s decentralized finance platform.
  • Beta Trailblazer: Spearheaded the platform’s beta launch, gathering invaluable user feedback and refining the product to perfection.
  • Feature Fusion: Introduced a trifecta of game-changing features – DApp Analysis, NFT integration, and DeFi Portfolio Management – empowering users to navigate the decentralized finance landscape with unparalleled ease and insight.

As insidefi.io prepares for its alpha release, the revolution has already begun. This pioneering platform stands poised to disrupt the status quo, democratizing finance and putting the power back into the hands of the people.



At Trackier, they have successfully developed and added 3 SaaS products to their portfolio, enabling the company to scale and achieve $5 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) through a bootstrapped approach

Performance Marketing SaaS Tool

Performance marketing tool that empowers businesses to track, analyze, and optimize their marketing campaigns across multiple channels. With its advanced attribution modeling and real-time data insights, Trackier enables marketers to make data-driven decisions, maximize ROI, and drive growth.

The challenge?

Streamlining customer onboarding and enriching the product’s self-explanatory functionality. But where others saw obstacles, I saw opportunities.


With my SaaS Knowledge, I spearheaded a game-changing revolution:

  • Knowledge Powerhouse: Crafted over 300 Knowledge Base articles, empowering customers with a wealth of insights and solutions.
  • Feature Frenzy: Introduced 25+ cutting-edge features and elevated existing UI/UX, propelling Trackier into a customer-centric paradise.
  • Retention Rockstars: Boosted company retention by a staggering 30%, cementing Trackier’s reputation as a customer-loyalty champion.
  • Churn Crusher: Slashed churn rate by an impressive 20%, ensuring a steady stream of satisfied, loyal customers.

In just 5 years, Trackier soared to new heights, achieving a remarkable $5M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). This meteoric rise was fueled by my unwavering commitment to customer success and my knack for transforming challenges into triumphs.

Mobile Measurement Platform

A powerful mobile measurement platform that provides granular insights into user acquisition, engagement, and monetization across iOS and Android apps. With its comprehensive attribution capabilities and in-depth analytics, Trackier enables mobile marketers to track and optimize their campaigns, understand user behaviour, and make informed decisions to drive growth.

The challenge?

Navigating the crowded waters of mobile marketing, where giants like app, Adjust, and Branch reigned supreme. But I saw an opportunity to disrupt the status quo and forge a path of unparalleled customer delight.


  • Market Maverick: Conducted comprehensive market research, unveiling untapped customer needs and fueling Trackier’s mobile vision.
  • Customer Whisperer: Consulted with customer-facing teams to uncover the limitations of existing mobile measurement flows, paving the way for innovation.
  • Rapid Rebel: Orchestrated the development and launch of Trackier’s mobile measurement platform in a lightning-fast span of 6 months.
  • Partnership Powerhouse: Forged strategic alliances with industry titans like Quora Ads, AppNext, Mixpanel, Facebook, and Google Ads, amplifying Trackier’s mobile reach.
  • Customer Conquest: Onboarded trailblazing customers, including BankSathi, Gromo, iTap, and FundsIndia, showcasing Trackier’s mobile prowess.
  • Apple Ace: Implemented Apple’s SKAdNetwork workflow, solidifying Trackier’s position as a mobile measurement master.

With the addition of this mobile measurement powerhouse, Trackier unlocked a new revenue stream, propelling its growth trajectory to unprecedented heights. But my impact didn’t stop there – I also implemented product and customer success automation, streamlining operations and ensuring a seamless experience for all.

iGaming Platform

A robust iGaming tracking platform designed to provide comprehensive player attribution and marketing analytics for online casinos and sportsbooks. With its advanced multi-channel tracking capabilities and real-time data insights, Trackier empowers iGaming operators to accurately measure acquisition sources, optimize campaigns, and maximize player lifetime value.

The challenge?

Navigating the fiercely competitive and ever-evolving iGaming landscape, where industry giants held court and customer expectations soared higher than a jackpot payout. But I saw an opportunity to disrupt the status quo and deal Trackier a winning hand.


Determined to harness the iGaming gold rush, I embarked on a quest for knowledge and strategic insights:

  • Industry Immersion: Flew to the prestigious IGB Amsterdam event, where I rubbed shoulders with iGaming gurus, absorbing their wisdom like a seasoned high roller.
  • Consultant’s Ace: Recruited a seasoned consultant to guide Trackier’s foray into the iGaming arena, ensuring a flawless SaaS platform tailored for online casino owners and operators.
  • Metrics Mastery: Implemented critical iGaming metrics, including deposits, chargebacks, Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), wins, and losses, empowering data-driven decision-making.
  • Analytical Edge: Developed advanced analytical reporting capabilities, enabling operators to identify their most profitable affiliate partnerships and optimize their strategies accordingly.
  • Automated Payouts: Streamlined affiliate payouts with an automated system, ensuring seamless and timely rewards for top-performing partners.

Within a mere two months of launch, Trackier’s iGaming prowess was on full display – our team conducted over 80 demos, securing an impressive roster of 30 onboarded clients, including